The Best Five Answers: If You Could Improve Your Life in One Way, What Would It Be?

What one thing would most improve your life? More money? Better health? More sleep? A dog? Two brains? More motivation? More exercise? More time? Better relationships?

Those were among the answers I received to this week’s question. Other people focused on things they would like to delete from their lives rather than on anything they might add. They wanted to get rid of stress, eliminate self-criticism, or abolish peach-flavored yogurt (see below).

I invite you to read the Best Five Answers to this week’s question, and please take a moment to answer the new question at the end.

If you could improve your life in one way, what would it be?

5. “If I could improve my life in one way it would be the elimination of the peach flavor from the Yoplait Yogurt variety pack at Costco. I have a stack of that damn peach flavor in the back of my fridge. I can’t get a new box until I finish them, and I just can’t stand the sight of them.”

–Joey Smith

4. “You know, this is a question I find myself pondering every now and then, particularly when I’m having a bad day for whatever reason. And every time I do I put together a mental list of things that I think might somehow make my life better. And yet I always end up reaching the same ultimate conclusion: I’ve got a family that loves me, I grew up to have the career I wanted ever since I was a kid, I’ve got friends who accept me for who I am, I’ve got a roof over my head and I’m able to pay the bills (late sometimes, sure, but they do get paid). So really, what is there to improve?”

–John Small

3. “To re-engineer this 53-year-old body to an 18-years-of-age body and take it back through the fun times I had to get it to the shape it’s in today.”

–Terry J. Robichaud

2. “Only do the things where I add the most value, and delegate the rest!”

–Bruce W. Martin

1. “Let go, stop worrying, and finally accept that this is only a journey to our final home.”

–Jerry Vachon

Please answer next week’s question in the comments section:

Would Jesus use Facebook?



5 thoughts on “The Best Five Answers: If You Could Improve Your Life in One Way, What Would It Be?

  1. To entertain the idea of Jesus posting status updates and taking “selfies” is quite an interesting notion. As interesting as it may be I truly do not think Jesus would use Facebook, or for that matter any form of social media. As we all know Jesus wasn’t exactly one to follow the status quo. In fact, he radically challenged social norms.

    The numerous sites of social media we have become engulfed with are convenient. They make staying in touch and receiving/sending information easy. Once again, easy isn’t a word that I would attribute to Christ. Through his actions and words, he has called us to pursue intentional relationships that are, more often than not, quite difficult. I believe he desires for us to go outside of our comfort zone when it comes to relationships. Sites like Facebook, however, deteriorate the beauty of experiencing such a pursuit. Instead, we are able to filter out people we do not want to deal with and can hide from the consequences that occasionally come attached to our words and opinions.

    Another point to be made why Jesus most likely wouldn’t use Facebook, is the use of the site for self gratification. Society has become consumed with telling the world what they have done; posting statuses about daily occurrences and sharing pictures of “monumental” moments (apparently that French Toast you had for breakfast was a pretty big deal). A majority of people desire for their peers on social media to assert that what they are doing in life deserves gratification and a thumbs up (pun intended). The first problem that arises from this is that rather than seeking our identity through Christ, we are establishing it based on what we think other people will “like”. Secondly, the very important idea of humility is thrown out the window.

    Matthew 6:1-2
    “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward.”

    I obviously cannot claim that I have not been affected by the trappings of social media. I’ll be the first to say that I am imperfect. However, as far as Jesus Christ goes I do not think he’d be one to join.

  2. It’s very hard for me to picture Jesus using a Facebook. Much of the content on Facebook is trivial and I don’t imagine Jesus would give the website the time of day. I could see him talking about it, but I definitely do not think he would spend his time using it. As far as I can tell Jesus was not someone who wasted time. There are more important things that he would probably be doing, like meditating in prayer.

  3. Let’s be honest here: Jesus would totally have a Facebook. He would be friends with everyone and always comment on their profile pictures. Because Facebook is so wildly popular in society, he would be present. I don’t believe he would be perusing his newsfeed for 8 hours a day without any human interaction. He would be balanced about it. PLUS, how excited would you be if you woke up to a notification that read, “Jesus Christ has requested you as a friend.”?! Exactly I as suspected…SOOOO, excited!!!!

  4. This is a difficult question! I would say maybe He would use it to spread his word but it would also not be something He would be completely devoted to. Facebook is a worldly thing and I don’t think Jesus would put any time into worldly creations but if its being used as a positive way to spread His word than I could see Him using Facebook!

  5. I think Jesus would be one of the few people without a Facebook. Only because usually the really important people don’t have personal social media accounts. Instead, there would be a person who follows Jesus around and updates a Facebook page for him with new pictures and statuses about life lessons and sermon dates. There would be so many accounts with the name Jesus that it would be hard to decipher which is the real Jesus account. The whole idea of Jesus having a Facebook seems so silly, but if He were around during this era it would definitely happen.

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