The Best Five Answers: If You Could Improve Your Life in One Way, What Would It Be?

What one thing would most improve your life? More money? Better health? More sleep? A dog? Two brains? More motivation? More exercise? More time? Better relationships?

Those were among the answers I received to this week’s question. Other people focused on things they would like to delete from their lives rather than on anything they might add. They wanted to get rid of stress, eliminate self-criticism, or abolish peach-flavored yogurt (see below).

I invite you to read the Best Five Answers to this week’s question, and please take a moment to answer the new question at the end.

If you could improve your life in one way, what would it be?

5. “If I could improve my life in one way it would be the elimination of the peach flavor from the Yoplait Yogurt variety pack at Costco. I have a stack of that damn peach flavor in the back of my fridge. I can’t get a new box until I finish them, and I just can’t stand the sight of them.”

–Joey Smith

4. “You know, this is a question I find myself pondering every now and then, particularly when I’m having a bad day for whatever reason. And every time I do I put together a mental list of things that I think might somehow make my life better. And yet I always end up reaching the same ultimate conclusion: I’ve got a family that loves me, I grew up to have the career I wanted ever since I was a kid, I’ve got friends who accept me for who I am, I’ve got a roof over my head and I’m able to pay the bills (late sometimes, sure, but they do get paid). So really, what is there to improve?”

–John Small

3. “To re-engineer this 53-year-old body to an 18-years-of-age body and take it back through the fun times I had to get it to the shape it’s in today.”

–Terry J. Robichaud

2. “Only do the things where I add the most value, and delegate the rest!”

–Bruce W. Martin

1. “Let go, stop worrying, and finally accept that this is only a journey to our final home.”

–Jerry Vachon

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Would Jesus use Facebook?



Am I Technology’s Slave Whether I Like It (And I Do!) Or Not?

Let me start with Facebook as an example of a technology that people now consider optional. I know plenty of people who still don’t use it. Some never have, and a few eccentrics I know had Facebook accounts but gave them up. Will they always have that choice, or will Facebook, like various other technologies, someday become essentially a requirement for functioning in the world?

After attending and presenting a paper at a three-day conference this week at Baylor University called “Technology and Human Flourishing,” I’ve been pondering the ways in which technology runs my life. Even though the conference included many amazing examples of new things technology can do, the speakers expressed at least as much anxiety about technology as celebration of it. I want to devote a few posts to technology’s influence, both good and bad.

The first area I want to consider is how much Choice I have—or don’t have—about which technologies control me. I like to think I’m a careful consumer of technology and that I choose which gadgets and services will dominate my time, energy and attention. I like to think I am not a slave to it, but is freedom from slavery to technology realistic anymore?

When Technology Was Still Optional

In one sense, I have chosen each technological device and service I use, and I could get rid of them any time I like. Unlike people of a younger generation, I still remember living in a world before such advances as email, voice mail, cell phones, texting, the Internet, Facebook, ipods, VCR’s and similar inventions. I remember when computers were not considered a necessary tool in either the workplace or the home.

I also remember making the conscious choice to bring some of these technologies into my life. My standard response to new technology has been to resist it at first, insisting that I don’t need it and never will, and then Continue reading