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God in Pursuit: The Tipping Points from Doubt to Faith God In Pursuit

God in Pursuit: The Tipping Points from Doubt to Faith identifies and celebrates the sparks that allow faith to catch fire in the lives of new believers who were once hostile or indifferent to God. It also examines the ways those tipping points operate throughout the Christian life as people confront spiritual crises or grapple with questions that did not arise at the time of conversion.

What is the turning point that causes a curious journalist and atheist to walk into a church and be converted the first time she takes communion? At what point is a lifelong atheist and head of one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the twentieth century persuaded to turn to Christ? What leads a woman who has a Mafia contract on her life and who appeared on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list to become a Christian in prison and then start a national outreach ministry that has touched the lives of thousands of children? This book looks at these and many other conversion stories to find the patterns that allow people to move from disbelief to faith.

This book shows how God is monumentally unsettling in people's lives, not only at the time of conversion, but throughout the Christian journey. In addition to the tipping points themselves, the book touches on concepts such as "foreshadowing," the idea that even though a conversion to Christ may look "sudden," it is usually preceded by clues—people and books and experiences and other details—that have prepared people for the day when God arrives. Another element that surfaces in many faith stories is "kairos," or "loaded time," a period of time separated from all the ordinary moments of life when a person is particularly awake to the presence of the Holy Spirit. The person may have heard the Christian message a thousand times, yet it never penetrated. But during this "loaded time," God seems particularly close, and the truth of the Gospel burns inside of the person as never before.

God in Pursuit reveals a Father who does not sit and wait for his children to search Him out. Instead, even before they realize they're looking for Him, He is already busy laying clues, preparing people to hear Him, loving them into His presence.

What Others Are Saying About God in Pursuit:

"Joseph Bentz has blessed my socks off with another wise and insightful book, God In Pursuit: The Tipping Points from Doubt to Faith. In my life it was tipping point number four––when the Word speaks with undeniable clarity and power––that won my heart to God: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6). This profound, yet readable, book will encourage and inspire everyone who faces the push/pull of doubt and faith, and assure them of God's unfailing pursuit because of His unfailing love. Highly recommended." – Karen O'Connor, author of The Beauty of Aging, Squeeze the Moment and others.
"I found God In Pursuit to be a refreshing take on how a person comes to faith in Christ. As a pastor, it made me rethink our church’s approach to evangelism. The burden is not on us to "convert" someone. That's God's deal. We can have great confidence when we share our faith knowing that God is already at work, behind the scenes, preparing that person for an encounter with Him." – Bruce W. Martin, pastor and author of Your Perfect Storm.

Ideal for Small Group Study

One feature of God in Pursuit is that it is designed for individual or small group study. A free downloadable study guide is available below that will lead individuals or groups through a six-week study of the book with activities and questions. For groups that are interested, the author sometimes joins in the discussions of his books by speakerphone. If you are interested in the author's participation in your group study, contact Joseph for more information.