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Joseph Bentz is the author of four novels and four non-fiction books on Christian living. He is also a professor of English at Azusa Pacific University and the author/editor of the Life and the Mind and Soul blog.

Joseph Bentz - Pieces of HeavenJoseph's most recent book, Pieces of Heaven: Recognizing the Presence of God, seeks to heighten the reader's awareness of those times when the veil between us and eternit - between us and the Holy Spirit - seems thin and permeable and we sense the Spirit in a close and supernatural way. Although most Christians never intend to push God's presence out of their lives, they often end up ignoring him anyway. In an increasingly secularized and frenzied culture, it's easy to leave God out of conversations and thoughts - at work, at school, in social settings, and unfortunately sometimes even at church. But our lives can be transformed when we learn to see God in our work, our play, in music, in relationships, in nature, and even in suffering. This book is accompanied by an online study guide for those who wish to use it in small groups.

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