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Joseph Bentz is the author of five novels and four non-fiction books on Christian living. He is also a professor of English at Azusa Pacific University and the author/editor of the Life and the Mind and Soul blog.

Joseph Bentz - Pieces of HeavenJoseph's most recent release is a fantasy novel, Dreams of Caladria, published by Enclave Publishing.

What is Dreams of Caladria about?

Through the breaking ice, in a vortex of brilliant light, energy, and sound, Jeremy plunges into a dangerous and mysterious new world. It is a world where music is absolutely prohibited — on pain of death. And Jeremy breaks that law when he arrives in Persus Am in a swirling cloud of light and music. A stranger in a strange land, he does not know why he has been sent. But it soon becomes clear that he must risk everything to help his new friends in the weary and war–torn world. From the vast Gray Desert to the jeweled palace of Persus Am, the forbidding Rock of Calad to the fabled land of Caladria, Jeremy finds himself in the midst of horrifying evil and heroic goodness. As he searches for an answer to why he is here, he must face the truth that is written on his own heart.

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