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Joseph Bentz is the author of five novels and five non-fiction books on Christian living. He is also a professor of English at Azusa Pacific University and the author/editor of the Life of the Mind and Soul blog.

Joseph's most recent release is Nothing is Wasted: How God Redeems What is Broken, published by Beacon Hill Press.

What is Nothing is Wasted about?

Redemption is so important to God that He has scattered hints of it throughout the universe. A quick glance at the world may reveal more trouble than redemption. Terrorists blow up innocent children. Disease sweeps through poor nations and wipes out hundreds, their bodies tossed aside. Politicians posture, blame and ignore intractable problems.

Life may be seen as a series of losses. We lose loved ones, our youth, our decaying possessions, and eventually our lives. Despite this pervasive pattern, a countervailing force remains at work in the world. In the midst of all this loss beats a relentless pulse of redeeming love and good that thrusts itself through the chaos and pain. It does not obliterate the pain, but neither does it allow the pain to be wasted. It wrenches good from it, like a gold nugget pried from deep underground.

Nothing is Wasted finds hints of redemption in the least expected places—in dirt, in whale carcasses, in death, in suffering, in fairytales, in frustrations, and in the stories of people's lives.

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